Richard Tyner is the 5th great grandfather of Kenneth Loy Bell.

Richard Tyner is the 3rd great grandfather of Johnnie James Rainwater.

"Richard was born about 1735, probably in Chowan County, NC. He died 24Sep, 1824 in Elbert County, GA.

The Tyners were closely associated with the Cherokees, and Richard himself may have been part Indian. " per Tom Crump

"Richard Tyner was a Revolutionary War Patriot. He fought in the Battle of Kettle Creek in Feb. 1779, Wilkes County, GA, where the Tories were routed. The Tories had tried to instigate an Indian uprising against the Georgians so they could not fight in the Revolution.

According to early newspaper chronicles, Tyner lived on Boyd's Creek in Elbert County. One day, (a number of years prior to the Kettle Creek Battle), he was absent from home when a group of Indians, probably Creek, killed his wife, dashed the baby's head against a Tree and carried his daughters, Mary and Tamar, off to Coweta. His son, Noah, hid in a Tree which was known thereafter as "Noah's Ark."

"Years later, Jack Manack, an Indian trader, found Mary and Tamar. The Indians sold Mary to John and they returned to Elbert County where they married. The Indians would not sell Tamar and were going to burn her alive as they thought she was trying to escape. An Indian woman felt sorry for her and helped her get a conoe and provisions with which she floated alone at night down the Chattahoochee. She reached Apalachicola where another boat took her to Savannah and from there was helped to get back to Elbert County.

Tamar, born circa 1760, married James Hunt, a revolutionary War soldier. Their first child was born in 1779. (Taken from the "Chronicles of Wilkes County, GA" from "Washington's Newspapers 1889-1898")

From Historical Collections of GA. Pg. 440 "They killed Mrs. Tyner. They then seized the youngest child, and dashed it's brains against a tree. Another child they scalped, and left it for dead. ...........An elder son of Mr. Tyner fled to the Savannah River, and was pursued by some of the Indians, but he effected his escape. "